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Where is Alaska?

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Where is Alaska
Map showing location of Alaska on the US map.

Where is Alaska State?

Alaska is located in the north-western part of Canada. Alaska is the largest state of the United States by area. As you can see on the given Alaska state map, it is non-contiguous state situated extreme north-west of North America continent.

Map of Alaska clearly demarcates that the state shares boundary with Canada in the eastern side; Pacific Ocean lies southern side, and Arctic Ocean lies on the northern side of the state. The Bering Strait in the western side separates it from the Russian Federation.

Alaska is the 49th state of the USA constituted in 1959; in fact, it was the territory of Russia but in the year 1867 USA purchased. Most of the part of Alaska has Arctic Climate which is totally unfavorable for the human habitat. This is one of the reasons that Alaska is sparsely populated state of the USA. About half of the residents of Alaska live in the Anchorage southern coastal metropolitan area. Juneau, situated in the south eastern part of the state is the capital city of Alaska.

The Mt. Mckinley situated in the almost centre of Alaska is the highest peak (6194 m) of North America continent. It is the peak of Alaska Mountain Range. Alaska map discernibly shows the state has the longest coastline even more than all states of the USA collectively.

The states economy largely depends upon the natural resources i.e. Petroleum and Natural Gas. Some % of state revenue also comes from sea fishing. Since, this is mountainous state and has adverse climatic condition; therefore the rail and road are not well developed. Nevertheless, the populated cities have developed roadways and railways. Airways, which is the only medium to communicate with the other mainland states of the USA has frequent service. However, the other stuff materials have been transported thorough sea-roots.

Alaska State - Quick Facts

Country:United States
Region Type: State
Abbreviation:AK, US-AK
Largest City:Anchorage
Area:663,268 sq mi (1,717,854 km2)
Population:735,132 (2013 est)
Joined The Union:January 3, 1959 (49th)
Nickname:The Last Frontier
Highest Point:Mount McKinley
Lowest Point:Ocean
Timezone:AKST-Alaska Standard Time (UTC−09:00)
Official Website:www.alaska.gov