Where is Casablanca, Morocco?

As shown in Casablanca location map, that Casablanca is located on the coast of Atlantic Ocean in the north-western part of Morocco.

Location Map of Casablanca

Where is Casablanca
About Map: Map showing location of Casablanca in the Morocco.
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Where is Casablanca Located?

Casablanca, is the chief port and largest city in Morocco, located in the coast of Atlantic Ocean in the north-western part of Morocco. The city Casablanca is the capital city of the region of Grand Casablanca. Furthermore, Casablanca is the largest and port city of Morocco. The climate type of city is Mediterranean.

Though, the capital city of Morocco is Rabat but Casablanca is the economic and business center of the country. The report given by the Industrial Statistics depicts that Casablanca maintains its historical position as the main industrial zone of the country. Casablanca Port is the largest port of North Africa, and one of the largest artificial ports of the world.

Moreover, with the 32% of the country's production units and 56% of industrial labor, The Grand Casablanca region is recognized as the locomotive of the development of the Moroccan economy.

Facts about Casablanca:

LocationCentral-western part of Morocco (at Atlantic Coast).
Coordinates: 33°32′N 7°35′W
First settled7th century BC
Area220 sq km (80 sq mi)
Population: 33.6 lakhs (2014)
Official Language Arabic, Tamazight
Elevation: 0 to 150 m (0 to 492 ft)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Postal code20000-20200
AirportMohammed V International Airport
Rapid TransitCasablanca Tramway
PortPort of Casablanca (second largest port of North Africa)
Calling code +212

Shopping centers in Casablanca - Morocco Mall, Anfa Place, the Marina Shopping Center, and the Tachfine Center.

Places to Visit in Casablanca:

Hassan II MosqueCornicheCathedrale Sacré CoeurSidi Abderrahman islet
Parc Sindibadbeach of Ain DiabRick's CafePort of Casablanca
Mohammed V Square, CasablancaSindibad theme parkMuseum of Moroccan JudaismPlace des Nations Unies
Mahkama du PachaArab League ParkRoyal PalaceMuhammad V Square
Abderrahman Slaoui MuseumCentral MarketplaceEl Hank LighthouseMuhammadi Mosque