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Where is Rwanda Located?

Location Map of Rwanda

Where is Rwanda
About Map: Map showing where is Rwanda located in the World.
Rwanda is located in the central-estern part of Africa continent. Rwanda map also shows that Rwanda is landlocked country that shares its international boundaries with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the west, Burundi in the south, Tanzania in the east, and Uganda in the north.

Though, Rwanda is landlocked country, but there are several lakes surrounding it. The climate type of the country is temperate featured with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons in the year.

The capital city is Kigali; it is also populated center along with the administrative center. The government type of Rwanda is presidential system under which the President has extensive powers; whereas the Parliament makes legislation and has limited oversight.

Rwanda’s national economy is largely dependes upon the few natural resources, predominantly on subsistence agriculture. Coffee and tea are the significant cash crops for export. In addition, tourism is a fast-growing sector and is now the country's leading foreign exchange earner. The most interesting activity to do for the tourists is the tracking of mountain gorillas.

Rwanda Quick Facts
Continent Africa
Where is Located Rwanda is a country located in the Eastern Africa, African Great Lakes
Coordinates 1°56.633'S30°3.567'E
Capital Kigali
Largest City Kigali
Neighboring Countries Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Uganda
Administrative divisions4 provinces
Area 10,169 sq mi (26,338 sq km)
Population11,689,696 (2012)
Official Language Kinyarwanda, French, English
Currency Rwandan franc (RWF)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeRW
ISO Alpha-3 Code RWA
ISO Numeric Code646
GDP $6.179 billion (2011)
Calling code 250
Time Zone CAT (UTC+2)
Internet TLD .rw