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Where is Paraguay?

Location of Paraguay on a Map

Where is Paraguay
About Map: Map showing location of Paraguay in the World.
The Paraguay location map shows that Paraguay is located in the south-central part of South America continent.

Paraguay map also shows that Paraguay is the landlocked country that shares its international boundaries with Brazil in the north and north-east, Argentina in the south and south-west, and Bolivia in the north-west.

Paraguay was one of the Spanish colonies and it got its independence in the year 1811. Asuncion is the capital and largest city of Paraguay. The government type of Paraguay is a representative democratic republic separated into three branches. The political system is characterized with a multi-party system.

The economy of the country is largely dependent upon the agriculture; however, the other sectors are expanding fast due to infrastructure development and technological advancement.

The climate type of Paraguay is range from sub-tropical to temperate.

Quick Facts
Continent South America
Where is Located Paraguay is a country located in the Central South America
Coordinates -25.266667, -57.666667
Capital Asuncion
Largest City Asuncion
Neighboring Countries Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil}
Administrative divisions17 departments
Area 157,048 sq mi
Official Language Spanish
Currency Guarani (PYG)
ISO Alpha-2 CodePY
ISO Alpha-3 Code PRY
ISO Numeric Code600
GDP $53.123 billion 2013 estimate
Calling code 595
Time Zone PYT (UTC-4)
Internet TLD .pv