Oceania Map - Political Map of Australia and Oceania

Oceania, the Ocean-continent, is a geographic region that includes Australasia, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. Oceania is a region made up of thousands of islands throughout the Central and South Pacific Ocean.

Map of Oceania

Oceania Map, Political Map of Australia and Oceania About Map: Map of Australia and Oceania shows countries of Oceania.

About Oceania

Oceania is a geographical region consisting of countries and territories, mostly islands located in the Pacific Ocean. There are 14 countries in Oceania, according to United Nations official statistics. Oceania is comprised of Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Oceania covers an area of approximately 8,525,989 sq km (3,291,903 sq mi), with an estimated population of 41,570,842 people. Australia is the largest and most population country in teh Oceania and the largest city is Sydney.

Oceania Facts

Area8,525,989 km2 (3,291,903 sq mi)
Population41,570,842 (2018)
Population density4.19/km2 (10.9/sq mi)
Largest CitySydney
GDP (nominal)$1.630 trillion (2018, 6th)
Countries14 Countries
DependenciesExternal (18), Internal (8)
Time zonesUTC+9 (Papua, Palau) to UTC-6 (Easter Island) (West to East)
Highest Point:Puncak Jaya or Carstensz Pyramid in the Papua Province of Indonesia
Largest Lake:Lake Eyre in South Australia. (Area - 8,000 and 9500 km².)
Longest RiverMurray River at 2508 km (In Australia)
Largest Deserts Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia and South Australia.
Largest Metropolitan AreasSydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland.
Largest Country by AreaAustralia (2,969,121 sq mi), Papua New Guinea (178,656 sq mi), New Zealand (104,400 sq mi), Fiji (7,053 sq mi)
New Caledonia (7,170 sq mi), Vanuatu (4,705 sq mi), French Polynesia (1,608 sq mi), Samoa (1,097 sq mi)

Subregions and Countries of Oceania

CountryCodeCapitalRegionPopulationArea in Sq KMDensity (per km2)
Ashmore and Cartier Islands (Australia)    199 
Coral Sea Islands (Australia)  Australasia4100.4
New ZealandNZWellingtonAustralasia4,743,131268,68017.3
Norfolk Island (Australia)NFKingstonAustralasia2,3023565.8
New Caledonia (France)NCNouméaMelanesia279,99319,06014.3
Papua (Indonesia) JayapuraMelanesia3,486,432319,03610.9
West Papua (Indonesia) ManokwariMelanesia760,855140,3755.4
Papua New GuineaPGPort MoresbyMelanesia8,606,323462,84017.5
Solomon IslandsSBHoniaraMelanesia652,85728,45021.1
VanuatuVUPort VilaMelanesia292,68012,20022.2
Federated States of MicronesiaFMPalikirMicronesia112,640702149.5
Guam (United States)GUHagåtñaMicronesia165,768549296.7
KiribatiKISouth TarawaMicronesia115,847811141.1
Marshall IslandsMHMajuroMicronesia58,413181293.2
NauruNRYaren (de facto)Micronesia10,67021540.3
Northern Mariana Islands (United States)MPSaipanMicronesia56,882,477115.4
Wake Island (United States)UMWake IslandMicronesia150275
American Samoa (United States)ASPago Pago, FagatogoPolynesia55,465199279.4
Cook Islands (New Zealand)CKAvaruaPolynesia17,51824072.4
Easter Island (Chile)CLHanga RoaPolynesia5,76116435.1
French Polynesia (France)PFPapeetePolynesia277,6794,16767.2
Hawaii (United States)USHonoluluPolynesia1,360,30116,63681.8
Niue (New Zealand)NUAlofiPolynesia1,6202606.2
Pitcairn Islands (United Kingdom)PNAdamstownPolynesia47471
Tokelau (New Zealand)TKAtafu (de facto)Polynesia1,31910128.2
Wallis and Futuna (France)WFMata-UtuPolynesia11,66127443.4