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Where is Paracel Islands (Xisha Islands)?

Paracel Islands (Xisha Islands) Location Map

Where is Paracel Islands
Map showing Where is Paracel Islands located on the Map? The Paracel Islands, also known as Xisha Islands and Hoang Sa Archipelago are a disputed archipelago in the South China Sea.

Where is Paracel Islands

The given Paracel Islands location map shows that Paracel Islands is located in the South China Sea.

Paracel Islands map also shows it is group of islands. The islands are under the jurisdiction of China; however, Vietnam and Taiwan also claim their sovereignty on these islands.
There are some of the animal lives on the islands but there is no human habitant other than small number of troops. Furthermore, the group of islands is divided into two major groups i.e.
The Amphitrite group- It is located in the northeast region.
The Crescent group- it is located in the southwest.
Bothe of these groups are located at the distance of 70 km from one other. The climate type of region is hot and humid featured with frequent typhoon and plenty of rainfall.
Moreover, the region is potentially surrounded by fishing ground. Probably, it has great reserves of oil and gas.

Location- South China Sea Number of Islands – 16 Major islands- Rocky Island, Tree Island, Woody Island Government - Territory of China