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Where is Northern Mariana Islands?

Where is Northern Mariana Islands
About Map: Map showing Location of Northern Mariana Islands in the Oceania Continent.
Where is Northern Mariana Islands located on the world map? The given Northern Mariana Islands location map shows that Northern Marian Island is located in the Northern Pacific Ocean.

Northern Mariana Islands is a part of commonwealth in political union with the United States of America. It has a strategic location in the western Pacific Ocean.
The Northern Mariana Islands have a typical tropical marine climate, which is moderated by seasonal northeast trade winds. And, there is little seasonal temperature variation.
The government type of Northern Mariana Islands is a presidential representative democratic system featured with multi-party system. According to this system, the governor is head of government. However, it is the commonwealth of the United States. The government center is the capital city i.e. village of Capitol Hill on Saipan Island.
The economy of the country is largely depends upon the tourism with some other minor agriculture and manufacturing sectors.