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Where is Solomon Islands Located?

Where is Solomon Islands
About Map: Map showing Location of Solomon Islands in the Oceania Continent.
Where is Solomon Islands located on the world map? The given Solomon Islands location map shows that Solomon Islands is located in the South Pacific Ocean and east of Papua New Guinea.

Solomon Island is archipelago of about thousands of islands. Its capital city is Honiara and it is located on the Guadalcanal Island – the largest island of Solomon Islands group. The nearest neighbors are Tuvalu lies in the east, Vanuatu in the south, Australia in the south-west, and Papua New Guinea in the west.
The government type of Solomon Islands is a constitutional monarchy featured with a parliamentary system of government. Queen Elizabeth II is the Monarch of the country as well as the head of state. Furthermore, she is represented by the Governor-General who is appointed by the Parliament for a five-year term. The Solomon Islands is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
The economy of the country largely depends upon agriculture and fishing. However, some of the natural resources available on the islands are lead, zinc, nickel, and gold.