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Where is Marshall Islands Located?

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Where is Marshall Islands
About Map: Map showing location of Marshall Islands in Oceania.
Where is Marshall Islands located on the world map? The Marshall Islands location map shows that Marshall Island is located in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean and just north of the Equator.

Capital City of Marshall Island is Majuro and the total inhabitants are about 62,000. The climate of islands is hot and humid along with a wet season from May to November.
In the year 1986, Marshall Islands got its independence; however, it remained intact with the USA under the Compact of Free Association. Likewise, the government type of Marshall Islands is a mixed parliamentary-presidential system along with its Constitution.
The economy of the region is based upon the combination of subsistence agriculture and modern urbanized sector and other related work. However, the agriculture work includes breadfruit and fishing, banana, taro, and pandanus cultivation. Besides, tourism is also growing fast on the island and gradually contributing more into the country economy.

Marshall Islands Facts

Name- Republic of the Marshall Islands
Capital City- Majuro
Official Language- English
Government- Parliamentary Democracy in Free Association with the USA
Area- 81 Sq Km
Population- 60 000
Ethnic Group- Marshallese 90%
Ethnic Groups- Religions: Christian, Mostly Protestant.
Currency- US Dollar (USD)
Time Zone- UTC +12h
ISO Code- MH
Calling Code- 692