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Where is Tonga Located?

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Where is Tonga
About Map: Map showing Location of Tonga in the Oceania Continent.
Where is Tonga located on the world map? The given Tonga location map shows that Tonga is located in the South Pacific Ocean.

Tonga map also shows that Tonga is an archipelago constituted of more than 170 islands. These islands are spread in the area of about 700,000 sq km. Many of the islands are uninhabited. The climate type of Tonga is tropical. The government type of the Tonga is a constitutional monarchy, under which the King has all executive power and even the Prime Minister of country is appointed by the King. Moreover, the economy of the country is largely depends upon remittances because half of the country's population lives abroad and hence send money to their relatives. However, country has small manufacturing sector and subsistence agriculture. The major crops are Coconuts, bananas, coffee beans, vanilla beans, and root crops including taro, yams, and cassava.

Official Name- Kingdom of Tonga
Capital City- Nuku'alofa
Official Languages- Tongan, English
Government- Constitutional Monarchy
Area- 748 Sq Km
Population- 110 000
Ethnic Groups- Polynesian 98%
Religion- Christian
Currency- Tongan Pa'anga (Top)
Time Zone- UTC +13h
ISO Code- To
Calling Code- 676