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The 21st most populous state of United States, Colorado was named after "Colorado River". Colorado is also nicknamed as "The Centennial State. Denver is the capital and the most populous city of Colorado. Colorado is bordered by Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah. Colorado is one of the three US states with no natural border. Colorado is know for its beautiful landscapes.

Map of Colorado with Cities, Road, River, Highways

About Colorado State Map

The Colorado State Map provides a comprehensive overview on the precise geographical position, diverse relief features and political divisions of the state. Colorado is situated in the Rocky mountainous part of the United States of America. Encompassing total area of 104,094 sq mi (269,837 km2), the State of Colorado shares its northern border with Wyoming and Nebraska, eastern border with Kansas and Nebraska, southern border with New Mexico and Oklahoma and western border with Utah. For administrative convenience, Colorado is divided into 64 Counties, which are efficiently governed by the respective County Seats.

Colorado is easily accessible from all parts of USA by well maintained roads and good railway network. The Interstate 25 is an important road route connecting the northern and southern part of Colorado.

The eastern and western parts of Colorado are joined by the Interstate Highways of 70 and 76. Rio Grande, Colorado and Arkansas are some of the prominent rivers flowing through the state. Colorado has several huge golf courses. Castle Rock and Edwards are few of the notable golf courses of Colorado. Old Spanish National Historic Trail and Colorado National Monument are some of the renowned national parks of Colorado. The museums of Colorado reflect the rich cultural traditions and unique art work of the state.

The Colorado Map highlights the location of important towns, national and interstate highways, railway routes, and the capital city, Denver. Connecting the various cities of Colorado, Interstates 76, 70, and 25 represent a developed road transportation network. The wide-reaching road routes, along with the railway tracks of the state, are clearly indicated in the map of Colorado. A number of towns such as Kremmling, Durango, Campo, Byers, Silverton, Cortez, Holyoke, Leadville, Cacon City, Eads, Springfield, Montrose, Ouray, and several others are also shown, as well as the position of the state's 64 counties.

The Colorado state map is a significant indicator of all vital geographical features. Bordering states such as New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona are also highlighted. Tourists coming to the state to explore its natural, historic, and scenic treasures will find the Colorado map to be a most helpful resource.

Colorado Interstates

North-South interstates include: Interstate 15, Interstate 17 and Interstate 19. East-West interstates include: Interstate 8, Interstate 10 and Interstate 40.

Colorado Routes

US Highways and State Routes include: Route 60, Route 70, Route 89, Route 89A, Route 93, Route 95, Route 160, Route 180 and Route 191.

List of Counties in Colorado

Colorado State Facts

State NameColorado
CountryUnited States
ContinentNorth America
Capital CityDenver
Lagest cityDenver
AbbreviationCO, Colo. US-CO
Joined the UnionAugust 1, 1876 (38th state)
NicknameCentennial State
area104,094 sq mi (269,837 km2)
Population5,758,736 (21st)
Highest PointMount Elbert
Lowest PointArikaree River
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