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Where is Kiev Located

As shown in the given Kiev location map that Kiev is located in on the Dnieper River in the central-north region of Ukraine. Kiev is the largest and capital city of Ukraine. As per the study report for the year 2004, Kiev is listed as Beta global city.

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Description: The map showing location map of Kiev in Ukraine.
Kiev is the center of political, industrial, commercial, scientific, educational, and cultural of entire Eastern Europe. In addition, it is various technologically advanced industries, higher education institutions, and globally recognized landmarks. Kiev metro is the best transportation service in the city.

Interestingly, the name Kiev is derived from one of four legendary founders of the city whose name was Kyi. It is one of the oldest cities in the entire Eastern Europe that probably founded in fifth century for the purpose of trade.

Moreover, Kiev city is also famous for the tourism; it has many tourist's attractions including museums, park, natural landscapes and many more. It is also known as green city.

Interesting Facts about Kiev

Country: Ukrainev Founded: 5th century
Area: 839 km2
Location: Central-north
Time zone: UTC+3
Postal codes: 01xxx-04xxx
Area code: +380 44
Climate: Continental Humid