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Eastern European Countries and Capitals

This is list of Eastern European countries and their capitals along with area, population, official language and Country code details. Eastern European countries includes Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

CountryCapitalArea (sq miles)Population (2012)Official LanguageCountry CodeLat long
BelarusMinsk 80,1399.49 million Russian Language, Belarusian 37553.5167° N, 28.7667° E
BulgariaSofia42,8557.305 millionBulgarian 35942.7500° N, 25.5000° E
Czech RepublicPrague30,45010.51 millionCzech Language42049.7500° N, 15.7500° E
HungaryBudapest35,9199.944 millionHungarian language3647.4981° N, 19.0400° E
PolandWarsaw120,72838.54 million Polish Language 4852.2167° N, 21.0333° E
Republic of MoldovaChisinau13,0683.56 million Moldovan language 37347.2500° N, 28.5167° E
RomaniaBucharest92,04321.33 million Romanian Language 4045.8667° N, 25.3000° E
Russian FederationMoscow6.602 million 143 million Russian Language 760.0000° N, 90.0000° E
SlovakiaBratislava18,9335.41 million Slovak Language 42148.6581° N, 19.5583° E
UkraineKiev233,06245.59 million Ukrainian Language 38049.0000° N, 32.0000° E