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OECD Member Countries

Following are list of OECD Member countries, OECD is an international economic organisation of 34 countries founded in September 1961.

CountryMembershipGeographic location
Australia7 June 1971Oceania
Austria29 September 1961Europe
Belgium13 September 1961Europe
Canada10 April 1961North America
Chile7 May 2010South America
Czech Republic21 December 1995Europe
Denmark30 May 1961Europe
Estonia9 December 2010Europe
Finland28 January 1969Europe
France7 August 1961Europe
Germany27 September 1961Europe
Greece27 September 1961Europe
Hungary7 May 1996Europe
Iceland5 June 1961Europe
Ireland17 August 1961Europe
Israel7 September 2010Asia
Italy29 March 1962Europe
Japan28 April 1964Asia
South Korea12 December 1996Asia
Luxembourg7 December 1961Europe
Mexico18 May 1994North America
Netherlands13 November 1961Europe
New Zealand29 May 1973Oceania
Norway4 July 1961Europe
Poland22 November 1996Europe
Portugal4 August 1961Europe
Slovakia14 December 2000Europe
Slovenia21 July 2010Europe
Spain3 August 1961Europe
Sweden28 September 1961Europe
Switzerland28 September 1961Europe
Turkey2 August 1961Europe
United Kingdom2 May 1961Europe
United States12 April 1961North America