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BRICS Countries

BRICS Countries is an association 5 major emerging economies that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

BRICS CountryCapitalContinentPopulationGDP (nominal)GDP per capita (PPP)
BrazilBrasiliaSouth America193946886$2,395.9 bn$12,200
RussiaMoscowEurope143451702$2,021.9 bn$17,708
IndiaNew DelhiAsia1210193422$1,824.8 bn$3,829
ChinaBeijingAsia1354040000$8,227.0 bn$9,161
South AfricaPretoria, Cape Town & BloemfonteinSouth Africa51770560$384.3 bn$11,375

SummitDateLocationHost leader
1st16 June 2009Russia YekaterinburgDmitry Medvedev (President)
2nd15 April 2010Brazil BrasíliaLuiz Inácio Lula da Silva (President)
3rd[a]14 April 2011China SanyaHu Jintao (President)
4th29 March 2012India New DelhiManmohan Singh (Prime Minister)
5th26–27 March 2013South Africa DurbanJacob Zuma (President)
6th2014Brazil Fortaleza[23]Dilma Rousseff (President)
7th2015Russia Ufa[24]Vladimir Putin (President)