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Where is Warsaw Located, Poland

As shown in the given Warsaw location map that Warsaw is located on the Vistula River in the central-east region of Poland. Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland.

Description: The map showing location map of Warsaw in Poland.
After the World War II, Warsaw was almost destroyed but it was rebuilt again very fast by the Polish Citizens. Hence, Warsaw is also known as the “phoenix city.” However, Warsaw is given various name due to its after war results such as Warsaw Pact, the Duchy of Warsaw, Warsaw Convention, Treaty of Warsaw and Warsaw Confederation.

Warsaw is one of the fast growing cities of Poland and hence it is the financial and economic center of the country. It is highly industrialized city of Poland.

Moreover, Warsaw is also important for the tourists; there are various tourists’ attraction in the city including Royal Castle, King Zygmunt's Column, Market Square, the Barbican, Saxon Garden and many more.

Interesting Facts about Warsaw

Country: Poland
Location: Central-east
Area (city): 516.9 km2
Postal codes: 00-001 to 04-999
Area code: +48 22
Time zone: UTC+2
Climate: Humid Continental