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Where is Florence Located

As shown in the given Florence location map that Florence is located in a basin among the Senese Clavey Hills beside Arno River.

Description: The map showing location map of Florence in Italy.
Florence is the capital city of Province Florence located in the north-east of the Italy. The city is much popular since middle period. The classical architecture of the city is one of the main attractions for the tourists. Besides, it was the center of finance, business, and trade since medieval period. Moreover, Florence is more frequent called as the "Jewel of the Renaissance".

Florence is world-wide considered as one of the most beautiful cities. At present, the historic, artistic, and cultural heritage remain the main attractions of the city. Besides, the city has a major influence in architecture, education, philosophy, science, religion music, cuisine, and fashion. Important historic centers of Florence are elegant squares (piazzas), Renaissance palaces (palazzi), parks, churches, monasteries, museums, and art galleries. In 1982, UNESCO declared it as World Heritage Site. Because of all these fascinating attractions, Florence receives millions of national and international tourists every year.

Interesting Facts about Florence

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Province: Florence
Location: Central-north of Italy
Area: 102.41 km2
Postal code: 50121-50145
Dialing code: 055
Time zone: UTC+1 & UTC+2
Climate: Mediterranean