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Where is Milan Located

As shown in the given Milan location map that Milan is located in the north-west region of Italy. Milan is the capital city of the region of Lombardy.

Description: The map showing location map of Milan in Italy.
The growth of city and nearby area as satellite sub-urban settlement experienced great economic boom. Hence, the expanding urban agglomeration area as big metropolitan city is also known as Blue Banana i.e. the area of Europe with the highest population and industrial density.>
Initially, the city was founded under the name of Medhlan by the Insubres, a Celtic people; however, later on Milan name was given by Romans. In Roman Empire, the city was flourished like anything. At present, with about 15 percent foreign born population, Milan is a cosmopolitan city. Milan is an important industrial and other business center of Italy. >
Milan has a rich cultural legacy and heritage, a vivacious and attractive nightlife. The cuisine is very much unique; it has developed various dishes, including the Panettone Christmas cake and the risotto alla Milanese. In addition, the city has great musical traditions. >
Moreover, many people call Milan as a world fashion and design capital. The city has great global influence in terms of commerce, industry, music, sport, literature, art and media. Therefore, Milan is one of the Major Alpha cities of the world listed by GaWC.

Interesting Facts about Milan

Country: Italy
Province: Milan
Region: Lombardy
Location: North-west of Italy
Area: 183.77 km2
Postal codes: 20100, 20121-20162
Dialing code: 02
Time zone: UTC+1 & UTC+2
Climate: Humid subtropical

Last Updated on: March 31, 2020