Where is Crimea?

Crimea, formerly known as the Tauric Peninsula, is a peninsula in Eastern Europe surrounded by the northern coast of Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Simferopol is the capital city of the Crimea, officially part of Ukraine.

Location Map of Crimea

Where is Crimea Located?

Crimea is a peninsula of Ukraine located on the northern coast of the Black Sea and on the western coast of the Sea of Azov, bordering Kherson Oblast from the North. Crimea is one of the region of Ukraine is in the Europe continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 44.9333° N, and 34.0999° E . Area Crimea is 26,100 km2 (10,077 sq mi). On 19 May, 1992 Crimea is an autonomous parliamentary republic within Ukraine and is governed by the Constitution of Crimea in accordance with the laws of Ukraine. Crimea is subdivided into 25 regions: 14 raions (districts) and 11 city municipalities. Crimea is a disputed region claimed by both Ukraine and Russia as part of either southern Ukraine or southwestern Russia.

Crimea Facts & Information

Official NameRepublic of Crimea
Capital of CrimeaSimferopol
Coordinates44.9333° N, 34.0999° E
LocationLocated on the northern coast of the Black Sea
FoundedOct 18, 1921
Crimean War Timeline1853–1856
Crimean parliament EstablishedOctober 14, 1993
Official LanguageUkrainian
Ethnic Groups58.32% Russians, 24.32% Ukrainians, 12.10% Crimean Tatars
GovernmentAutonomous Republic
Area26,100 km2
CurrencyUkrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Time zoneEET (UTC+2), in Summer; EEST (UTC+3)
Calling code+380