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Where is Congo?

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Location Map of Democratic Republic of the Congo

Where is Democratic Republic of the Congo
About Map: Map showing where is Democratic Republic of the Congo located in the World.
Democratic Republic of the Congo location map shows that Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in the Central part of Africa continent. Democratic Republic of the Congo map also shows that it has small coastline opening into the Atlantic Ocean. In terms of area, DRC is the third largest country in Africa only after Sudan and Algeria and in terms of population; it is fourth most populated country on Africa continent.

DRC has neighbor country i.e. Republic of Congo, the name is similar to Democratic Republic of Congo hence to difference these countries, Democratic Republic of country is known with different names such as DR Congo, DRC, DROC, RDC or even Congo-Kinshasa after the name of its own capital city. Besides neighbor country Republic of Congo in the west, DRC shares its international boundaries with Central African Republic and Sudan in the east, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi in the east, Zambia and Angola in the south. However, Lake Tanganyika separates it from Tanzania in the east.

There is great paradox with the country because country is considered as to be richest country in the world (because of having reserves of natural resources and untapped deposits of raw minerals which worth is estimated about US$ 24 trillion) but the people of DRC is one of the poorest in the world.
The government type of DRC is presidential democratic republic. The economy of the country is largely depends upon agriculture, mining, and other small services sectors.

Quick Facts
CountryDemocratic Republic Of Congo
Continent Africa
Where is Located Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country located in the Central Africa
Coordinates 2.6633° S, 23.8864° E
Capital Kinshasa
Largest City Kinshasa
Neighboring Countries Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
Administrative divisions10 provinces
Area 2,345,409 km2(905,355 sq mi)
Population75,507,308(2013 est.)
Official Language French (official), Lingala
Currency Congolese franc (CDF)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeCD
ISO Alpha-3 CodeCOD
ISO Numeric Code180
GDP $27.575 billion 2012 estimate
Calling code 243
Time Zone (UTC+1 to +2)
Internet TLD .cd