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Where is Djibouti?

Location Map of Djibouti

Where is Djibouti
About Map: Map showing where is Djibouti located in the World.

Where is Djibouti Located?

Djibouti is located in the eastern part of Africa at the coast of Red Sea.
Djibouti map also shows that it is located on the Horn of Africa. Though, Djibouti is a small country but it shares its international boundaries with Eritrea in the north, Somalia in the southeast, and Ethiopia in the west and south. It has small coastline with Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in the east. Interestingly, Djibouti is known with different names in respective languages such as Jībūtī‎ in Arabic, Djibouti in French, Jabuuti in Somali etc.

Official languages of Djibouti are Arabic and French and the main religion is Islam. The government type of Djibouti is a semi-presidential republic. The executive power is in the hand of central government and legislative power remains with both the government and parliament. Though two-third people of Djibouti live in the capital city Djibouti and the remaining live in other part of the country. The economy of the country largely depends upon the service activities pertaining to the country's strategic location.

Quick Facts
Continent Africa
Where is Located Djibouti is a country located in the Eastern Africa
Coordinates 11°36'N43°10'E
Capital Djibouti City
Largest City Djibouti City
Neighboring Countries Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia
Administrative divisions6 districts
Area 23,200 km2(8,958 sq mi)
Population792,198(2013 est.)
Official Language French and Arabic
Currency Franc
ISO Alpha-2 CodeDJ
ISO Alpha-3 Code DJI
ISO Numeric Code262
GDP $2.379 billion(2012 est.)
Calling code 253
Time Zone EAT (UTC+3)
Internet TLD .dj