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Where is Geneva Located

As shown in the given Geneva location map that Geneva is located in the western most part of Switzerland; it is almost on the international border of Switzerland and France.

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Description: The map showing location map of Geneva in Switzerland.
After Zurich, Geneva is second most populous city of France. It is the most famous city of Romandie i.e. French-speaking part of Switzerland. Interestingly, besides having one of the developed and infused with advanced technology and infrastructures, the city is a financial center as well as global center for diplomacy. It homes the headquarters of various international organizations. However, it is more popularly known for the Geneva Conventions; in fact, it was mainly concern with the treatment of wartime non-combatants and prisoners of war.

As per the research done by the Global Financial Centers Index, Geneva is the 3rd European financial center just after London and Zurich and 8th in the world. In the year 2009, Geneva is listed as the fourth most expensive city of the world. In addition, it is considered as the world’s most compact metropolis and the "Peace Capital city".

Interesting Facts about Geneva

Country: Switzerland
Canton: Geneva
Location: western-most part of Switzerland
Area: 15.86 km2
Postal code: 1200
Climate: Temperate