Where is Oman?

Oman is a country on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, located in Southwest Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, between Yemen and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Location Map of Oman

Where is Oman About Map: Map showing location of Oman in the Southwest Asia.
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    The given Oman location map shows that Oman is located in the south-west of Asia. Oman map also shows that it is located on the south-east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman shares its international boundaries with Yemen in the south-west, Saudi Arabia in the west, and United Arab Emirates in the north-west. Besides, it has coastline with Arabian Sea in the southeast and with Gulf of Oman in the north-east. The climate type of Oman is a hot climate and having very little rainfall.

    Surprisingly, in the entire Arab region, Oman is one of the most developed and stable countries; this is why the United Nations Development Program enlisted Oman as the most-improved nation in the last 40 years in the year 2010. The government type of Oman is Monarchy; hence, the head of state and of the government is the hereditary sultan. The Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said appoints a cabinet called the "Diwans" which work is to assist him.

    Oman's economy is largely depends upon the oil. However, some of the other sectors are being developed, tourism is one of them.

    Facts About Oman

    RegionMiddle East
    Coordinates21°00′N 57°00′E
    Capital and largest cityMuscat
    BordersSaudi Arabia: 676 km (420 mi), UAE: 410 km (250 mi)
    and Yemen: 288 km (179 mi)
    Area309,500 km2 (119,500 sq mi) [Ranked 70th]
    Coastline3,165 km (1,967 mi)
    Official languagesArabic, Baluchi
    ReligionIslam (official)
    CurrencyOmani rial (OMR)
    Time zoneUTC+4 (GST)
    Calling code968
    ISO 3166 codeOM
    Natural resourcespetroleum, copper, asbestos, Limited marble,
    limestone, chromium, gypsum, natural gas
    GovernmentUnitary Islamic absolute monarchy
    Population (2018 estimate)4,829,473 (125th)
    • Density15/km2 (38.8/sq mi) (177th)
    GDP (PPP)$203.959 billio (2018 estimate)
    HDI (2019)0.813 ( Rank - 60th)
    Driving sideRight
    AirportMuscat International Airport (IATA: MCT, ICAO: OOMS)

    Places of Attractions in Oman

    Sultan Qaboos Grand MosqueAl Alam PalaceRas Al Jinz Turtle ReserveSnake Gorge Canyon
    Wadi Ash ShabRoyal Opera House MuscatMughsail BeachWadi Dayqah Dam
    Nizwa FortThe National Museum of OmanAd Dimaniyat IslandsMuscat Gate Museum
    Bahla FortMutrah CornicheMusandam PeninsulaQurum Natural Park
    Mutrah SouqBait Al Zubair MuseumMajlis al JinnAyn Razat
    Jebel ShamsQurum BeachAl Hoota CaveAl Sawadi Beach
    Bimmah SinkholeNakhal Fort, OmanFazayah BeachChildren's Museum