Where is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia. It is bordered by Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait to the north; by the Persian Gulf, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman to the east, Yemen to the south and Oman to the southeast. Saudi Arabia is the fifth-largest country in Asia, the second-largest in the country in the Arabian Peninsula and the largest in Western Asia and the Middle East. It covers an area of 2,150,000 km2 (830,000 sq mi).

Location Map of Saudi Arabia

Where is Saudi Arabia
About Map: Map showing Where is Saudi Arabia located in the World Map.

Where is Riyadh Located

Where is Saudi Arabia Located?

The given Saudi Arabia location map shows that Saudi Arabia is located in south-western Asia. Saudi Arabia map also shows that Saudi Arabia is the largest country of the Middle East. It shares its international boundaries with Yemen in the south, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the east, and Jordan and Iraq in the north and northeast. However, the Gulf (Persian Gulf) lies in the east and north-east, whereas Red Sea lies in the west of the country.

The capital city of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. The government type of Saudi Arabia is Monarchy. In fact, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by Abdul-Aziz bin Saud in the year 1932. Though the conquests which eventually led to the creation of the Kingdom was began in 1902.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia sometimes also known as "The Land of the Two Holy Mosques" because of Mecca and Medina. Thsese two places are the two holiest places in Islam.

By virtue of having world's largest oil reserve, Saudi Arabia's economy is exclusively depends upon the export of oil. Oil exports contributes about 75 percent of country's total revenue.

Saudi Arabia has desert climate featured with remarkable temperature differnce between day and night.

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  • Saudi Arabia Facts & Information

    Continent Asia
    Capitaland largest cityRiyadh
    Administrative divisions13 regions
    Official languagesArabic
    Religion (2010)[9]93.0% Islam (official) 85-90% Sunni10-15% Shia, 4.4% Christianity, 1.1% Hinduism, 0.7% Unaffiliated, 0.3% Buddhism
    GovernmentUnitary Islamic absolute monarchy
    • Admitted to the United Nations24 October 1945
    • Current constitution31 January 1992
    Area 2,149,690[5] km2 (830,000 sq mi) (12th)
    • Water (%)0.7
    Population (2022 estimate)38,401,000 (40th)
    • Density15/km2 (38.8/sq mi) (174th)
    Major AirportKing Khalid International Airport in Riyadh and King Fahd International Airport in Dammam
    GDP (PPP) 2022 estimate$2.00 trillion (17th)
    GDP (PPP) Per capita$55,800 (27th)
    GDP (nominal) 2022 estimate$1.01 trillion(18th)
    GDP (nominal) Per capita$27,900[13] (43th)
    Gini (2013)45.9
    HDI (2021)0.875 (35th)
    CurrencySaudi riyal (SR) (SAR)
    Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)
    Calling code966
    ISO 3166 codeSA
    Internet TLD.sa
    Official websitehttps://www.my.gov.sa/?lang=en

    Largest Cities in Saudi Arabia

    RankNameRegionsPop. (2016)
    12Khamis MushaitAsir549,000
    14Hafar al-BatinEastern416,800
    19YanbuAl Madinah320,800
    20Al QunfudhahMecca304,400