Where is Beijing?

Beijing is the capital city of China, located in north-east region of China, surrounded by Hebei Province with the exception of neighboring Tianjin to the southeast.

Location Map of Beijing

Where is Beijing, China
About Map: The Map showing where is Beijing is located in the north-east region of China.
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Where is Beijing Located?

Beijing is located in the north-east region of China. Beijing is the capital city of China, It is the world's most populous capital city. It is also known as Peking. It has the special status of municipality and directly governed by central government. The literal meaning of Beijing is "Northern Capital".

Furthermore, Beijing is divided into fourteen urban and suburban districts along with two rural counties. Beijing is one of the center points of the country especially in terms of transportation; it is the junction point of numerous railways, roads and motorways along with major international airport. It is important historically as well and it is recognized as the political, educational, and cultural center China. Specifically, it is known for its magnificent palaces, superbly designed temples, and huge stone walls and gates. Above all, its art treasures and universities have facilitated the city as the centre of culture and art in China.

Beijing City Information & Facts

CountryPeople's Republic of China
LocationNorth-eastern region of China
Coordinates39°54′24″N 116°23′51″E
Area (Municipality)16,410.5 km2 (6,336.1 sq mi)
Population 21516000 (2014)
Postal code100000 - 102629
Area code10
ClimateHumid Continental
Major Ethnic Groups Han 95%, Manchu 2%, Hui 2%, Mongol 0.3%, Other 0.7%
Time zone UTC+8 (CST)
Elevation43.5 m (142.7 ft)
AirportBeijing Capital International Airport
Official Websitehttp://www.ebeijing.gov.cn/

Places to Visit in Beijing

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Forbidden CityTiananmenJuyong PassBeijing Temple of ConfuciusBeijing World Park
Summer PalaceLama TempleBeijing National Aquatics CenterGreat Hall of the PeopleBeijing central business district
Temple of HeavenNational StadiumHouhaiBeijing Olympic ParkCentral Radio & TV Tower
Tiananmen SquareNational Museum of ChinaXiangshan ParkCapital MuseumPalace of Heavenly Purity
Great Wall of BadalingDrum Tower and Bell Tower of BeijingZhengyangmenBeijing Botanical GardenZhoukoudian Site Museum
The Palace MuseumYuanmingyuan ParkShichahaiNational Centre for the Performing ArtsChaoyang Park
Jingshan ParkMausoleum of Mao ZedongMonument to the People's HeroesCCTV HeadquartersBeijing Aquarium
Beihai ParkBeijing ZooPrince Gong MansionMeridian GateYuyuantan Park

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Beijing 2022 will be the first Winter Games to be held in China from Feb. 4 to 20, with the 2022 Winter Paralympics following from March 4 to 13.

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