Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Medal Table by Country, Medal Tally & Count

2022 Beijing Olympics Medal table, medal count by Country, ranked by the number of Gold, Silver, Bronze medals won by their athletes during 2022 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals

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2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Medal Table by Country

3People's Republic of China94215
4United States of America810725
14Republic of Korea2529
17New Zealand2103
19Great Britain1102
21Czech Republic1012

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Highlights

2022 Winter Olympics official NameThe XXIV Olympic Winter Games
2022 Winter Olympics Host CityBeijing, China
Beijing Winter Olympics Dates4 to 20 February 2022
Countries in 2022 Winter Olympics91 NOC, As of January 17, 2022
Total Athletes Participating3000 estimate
2022 Olympics Events‎‎109 in 7 sports (15 disciplines)
Winter Olympics Stadium‎Beijing National Stadium
Location: 1 National Stadium South Road, Beijing, China
Opening Ceremony Date4 February 2022
Closing Ceremony Date20 February 2022
Winter Olympics Official Website

To win is something, to win a Medal in Olympic is the most ultimate desire and ambition of any sports person. Here is the list of the countries who won the number of medals in the past when Olympic took place. The Winter Olympic Games 2022, information related Medal winner is provided on this page.

The Winter Olympics of 2022 are to be held by Beijing, China. It is the XXIV Olympic Winter Games. It is also commonly known as Beijing 2022 as it is the host city of the Winter Olympic Games 2022. In the year 2015, Beijing was selected as host city at the 128th IOC Session in Kuala Lumpur. The Winter Olympic Games are in fact multi-sport event, which takes place once in every four years. There are 84 Nations, which are competing in these games. The Winter Olympic Games are in fact the first Winter Olympic Games held in China. Earlier China hosted Summer Olympic as well. The opening ceremony will be held at Beijing on 4th of February 2022.

In the history of Winter Olympic Games, Norway had won the highest number of Medals to be exact 368 medals until last winter Olympic Games. Norway has made the record of participating all the Winter Olympic Sports. 307 medals won by the United States of America, which participated 23 times as well. Germany and Austria won 240 and 232 medals respectively until XXIII Olympic Games. The hosting country of XXIV Winter Olympic Games is in sixteenth place, which won 61 medals in the entire history of Winter Olympic Games. The least number of medal winning nations are Uzbekistan, Romania, and Denmark. These three countries won only one medal in different event until now. All the required information about all the medal winning nations, right from the beginning of the Winter Olympics(1924 to 2018) till the latest Olympic Games are provided in the table below.

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All Time Winter Olympics Medal Table (1924 to 2018)

This is the list of all time winter olympics medal table, which is includes countries held atleast one medal from 1924 to 2018. The Norway has the record for most medals a total of 368 medals since the first Winter Olympic games followed by USA 307 medals, Germany by 240 medals and Austria by 232 medals.

RankCountry (IOC code)No.Of Winter Games GoldSilverBronzeTotal
1Norway (NOR)23132125111368
2United States (USA)2310511389307
3Germany (GER)12928860240
4Austria (AUT)23648187232
5Canada (CAN)23736462199
6Soviet Union (URS)9785759194
7Finland (FIN)23436361167
8Sweden (SWE)23574655158
9Switzerland (SUI)23564552153
10Netherlands (NED)21454441130
11France (FRA)23363553124
12Italy (ITA)23403648124
13Russia (RUS)6473935121
14East Germany (GDR)6393635110
15South Korea (KOR)1831251470
16China (CHN)1113282162
17Japan (JPN)2114222258
18West Germany (FRG)611151339
19Great Britain (GBR)231141732
20Czech Republic (CZE)79111131
21Czechoslovakia (TCH)16281525
22Unified Team (EUN)196823
23Poland (POL)2377822
24United Team of Germany (EUA)386519
25Belarus (BLR)785518
26Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR)126917
27Slovenia (SLO)8251017
28Australia (AUS)1955515
29Croatia (CRO)846111
30Liechtenstein (LIE)1922610
31Latvia (LAT)111359
32Kazakhstan (KAZ)71348
33Slovakia (SVK)73418
34Ukraine (UKR)73148
35Estonia (EST)104217
36Hungary (HUN)231247
37Belgium (BEL)211236
38Bulgaria (BUL)201236
39Spain (ESP)201034
40Yugoslavia (YUG)140314
41New Zealand (NZL)160123
42North Korea (PRK)90112
43Luxembourg (LUX)90202
44Denmark (DEN)140101
45Romania (ROU)210011
46Uzbekistan (UZB)71001

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