List of Olympic Games Host Cities: Summer and Winter Olympic

This is list of Host cities of Summer and Winter Olympic games from 1896 Athens olympics to Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

2024 Olympics Host City and Details

Olympic Games Host Cities

Since the beginning of the modern Olympics in 1896, so many cities have hosted the Olympic Games. Here is a list of Olympic host cities. The list, which is provided on this page, covers both Olympics Host Cities of summer season and winter season. Since 1896, summer and winter Olympics have generally been conducted in consecutive even years to commemorate a four-year era known as an Olympiad. Ever since the beginning of the Olympic Games, 23 Cities hosted Summer Olympics and 21 cities hosted Winter Olympics.

Beijing made history in 2022 when it hosted both the summer and winter Olympic Games. There are 10 Olympics Host Cities, which have hosted the Olympics twice so far. Those ten Olympics Hosted Cities are Athens, Paris, London, St. Moritz, Lake Placid, Los Angeles, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Innsbruck, Tokyo and Beijing. With the 2012 Summer Olympics, London made history by becoming the first city to hold three Summer Olympic Games. Paris had already conducted Summer Olympic Games twice and by conducting 2024 Summer Olympic, Paris becomes second city to conduct Summer Olympic Games thrice which is followed by Los Angeles as third city when it conducts in the year 2028.

Summer Olympic Games Host Cities (1896-2032)

The IOC has selected three cities to play host to future Olympic events. Paris is the Olympics Host City for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Los Angeles becomes the Olympic Host City for the 2028 Summer Olympics. For the 2032 Summer Olympics Brisbane is declared as the host city. Athens was the first city to host the Summer Olympics in the year 1896. Tokyo did become one of the Olympics Host Cities, which conducted the Summer Olympics twice. The latest edition of Summer Olympics was conducted by Tokyo in the year 2021.

List of Summer Olympic Games Host Cities

No.Host CityCountryContinentYearOpening DayClosing Day
IIISt. LouisUnited StatesNorth America19041-Jul23-Nov
IVLondonUnited KingdomEurope190827-Apr31-Oct
VIBerlinGermanyEurope1916Cancelled due to World war I
XLos AngelesUnited StatesNorth America193230-Jul14-Aug
XIITokyoJapanAsia1940Cancelled due to World war II
XIIILondonUnited KingdomEurope1944Cancelled due to World war II
XIVLondonUnited KingdomEurope194829-Jul14-Aug
XIXMexico CityMexicoNorth America196812-Oct27-Oct
XXMunichWest GermanyEurope197226-Aug11-Sep
XXIMontrealCanadaNorth America197617-Jul1-Aug
XXIIMoscowSoviet UnionEurope198019-Jul3-Aug
XXIIILos AngelesUnited StatesNorth America198428-Jul12-Aug
XXIVSeoulSouth KoreaAsia198817-Sep2-Oct
XXVIAtlantaUnited StatesNorth America199619-Jul4-Aug
XXXLondonUnited KingdomEurope201227-Jul12-Aug
XXXIRio de JaneiroBrazilSouth America20165-Aug21-Aug
XXXIITokyoJapanAsia202123 July 20218 August 2021
XXXIIIParisFranceEurope202426 July 202411 August 2024
XXXIVLos AngelesUnited StatesNorth America202821 July 20286 August 2028

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Winter Olympic Games Host Cities From 1924 Chamonix to Milan 2026 Olympics

The IOC has announced the host city for the 2026 Winter Olympic. Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo will be Olympic Host City for the 2026 Winter Olympics. The city called Chamonix was the first one to host the Winter Olympics in the year 1924. The latest edition of Winter Olympics was conducted by Beijing in the year 2022 and Beijing became one of the Olympics Host Cities to have conducted Winter Olympics Games twice.

List of Winter Olympic Games Host Cities

No.Host CityCountryContinentYearOpening DayClosing Day
IISt. MoritzSwitzerlandEurope192811-February19-Feb
IIILake PlacidUnited StatesNorth America19324-Feb15-Feb
VSapporoJapanAsia1940Cancelled due to World war II 
VCortina d'AmpezzoItalyEurope1944Cancelled due to World war II 
VSt. MoritzSwitzerlandEurope194830-Jan8-Feb
VIICortina d'AmpezzoItalyEurope195626-January5-Feb
VIIISquaw ValleyUnited StatesNorth America196018-Feb28-Feb
XIIILake PlacidUnited StatesNorth America198014-Feb23-Feb
XVCalgaryCanadaNorth America198813-Feb28-Feb
XIXSalt Lake CityUnited StatesNorth America20028-Feb24-Feb
XXIVancouverCanadaNorth America201012-Feb28-Feb
XXIIIPyeongchangSouth KoreaAsia20189-Feb25-Feb
XXIVBeijingChinaAsia20224 February 202220 February 2022
XXVMilan-Cortina d'AmpezzoItalyEurope20266 February 202622 February 2026

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