List of Participating Countries in Tokyo Olympics 2020-21

This is list of Countries Participating in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Here's list of 206 NOCs nations and their Athletics at the 2021 Summer Olympics.

List of Participating Countries in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Highlights

Official NameGames of the XXXII Olympiad
2020 Olympics Host CityTokyo, Japan
Tokyo Olympics DatesJuly 23, 2021 to August 8, 2021
National Olympic Committees (NOC) Member States206
Countries Participating205 (+ EOR team)
Countries not ParticipatingNorth Korea (Announced on 6 April 2021)
Two Independent Teams10 Refugee Olympic Athletes and one Independent Olympic Athletes
Total Athletes Participating11,326
Olympics Parade of Nations205 Countries
2021 Olympics Events‎‎339 in 33 sports
2021 Olympics Sport Disciplines50
Total Olympics Venues‎‎37
Stadium‎Japan National Stadium
Address: 10-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0013, Japan
Opening Ceremony DateDate: 23 July 2021, Time:20:00 - 23:00 JST (UTC+9)
Closing Ceremony Date8 August 2021
Olympic Official
Tokyo Olympics
Tokyo Olympic MottoUnited by Emotion
Tokyo Olympic MascotMiraitowa
Opened byEmperor Naruhito
CauldronNaomi Osaka

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The 2020 Summer Olympics have been postponed until 2021 Due to Coronavirus pandemic across the World, with new dates already announced. Now, the Games will take place from July 23 to August 8 in Tokyo. It has been estimated that more than 10,000 athletes and 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) will take part in the 2021 Summer Olympics.

As of 4 July 2021, the following 205 National Olympic Committees have qualified for Tokyo Summer Olympics, which all 206 NOCs may send competitors regardless of qualification.

List of Participating Countries in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Country (A-G)No. of AthletesCountry (G-N)No. of AthletesCountry (N-Z)No. of Athletes
American Samoa6Great Britain376Palau3
Antigua and Barbuda6Guam5Papua New Guinea8
Azerbaijan44Honduras21Puerto Rico37
Bahamas16Hong Kong42Qatar16
Bahrain32Hungary166Refugee Olympic Team29
Bangladesh6Iceland4Republic of the Congo3
Barbados8India125Russian Olympic Committee328
Belize3Iraq4Saint Kitts and Nevis3
Benin7Ireland116Saint Lucia5
Bermuda2Israel90Saint Vincent and the Grenadines3
Bolivia5Ivory Coast28San Marino5
Bosnia and Herzegovina7Jamaica50São Tomé and Príncipe3
Botswana13Japan552Saudi Arabia29
British Virgin Islands3Kazakhstan93Serbia86
Bulgaria42Kiribati3Sierra Leone4
Burkina Faso7Kosovo11Singapore22
Cameroon12Laos4Solomon Islands2
Cape Verde6Lebanon8South Africa177
Cayman Islands5Lesotho2South Korea236
Central African Republic2Liberia3South Sudan2
Chile57Liechtenstein5Sri Lanka9
Cook Islands6Malawi5Switzerland106
Costa Rica12Malaysia30Syria6
Croatia59Maldives4Chinese Taipei59
Czech Republic115Marshall Islands2Thailand42
Democratic Republic of the Congo7Mauritania2Togo4
Djibouti4Mexico164Trinidad and Tobago22
Dominican Republic60Monaco6Turkey108
East Timor3Mongolia43Turkmenistan9
El Salvador5Mozambique10Ukraine155
Equatorial Guinea3Myanmar3United Arab Emirates5
Eritrea13Namibia11United States613
Federated States of Micronesia3New Zealand223Venezuela44
Finland30Niger7Virgin Islands4
Gabon5North Macedonia8Zambia24
The Gambia4  Zimbabwe5

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Athletics Schedule, Events & Medal Table

List of 163 Participating Countries in Tokyo Paralympics 2020

The 2020 Summer Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo from July 23 to August 8, will see a participation of a total of 206 countries. This number may sound absurd to any person having event the faintest interest in Geography.


Because the total number of countries in the world is 195!

So, how can 206 countries participate in the 2020 Olympics when only 195 really exist? Well, simply because not all countries participating in the Olympics are really countries!

If you are left scratching your heads, don’t worry. We have a simple explanation for you. IOC or the International Olympics Committe is the body that takes the final call on who gets to participate in the Olympics. Each body or state that the IOC decides can participate is called a National Olympic Committee or NOC. For example, the Indian NOC is titled the Indian Olympic Association. So, the 206 counties participating in the Olympics are actually NOCs. These will include the following:

Type of NOCCountDescription
Countries193Member countries of the UN
 1Non-member observer country of Palestine
Other states9Dependent territories of the American Samoa, Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Guam, Aruba and Puerto Rico
 2Partially recognized states of Chinese Taipei or Taiwan and Kosovo
 1Almost-independent state of Cook Islands

An astounding number of 11,326 atheletes are compete in the Olympics this year, making it a monumental global sports event.

No matter the geo-political or cultural background of an athelete, the Olympics gives everyone the feeling of belonging to one beautiful blue planet!

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