Where is Delaware (DE)?

Delaware is one of the 50 states of the United States, It is located in the Mid-Atlantic region. It lies in the south and west by Maryland state, north by Pennsylvania state, and east by New Jersey state & the Atlantic Ocean.

Delaware Location Map

Where is Delaware State Located?

Delaware is located at the north-east the US and North West coast of Atlantic Ocean. If you can see minutely the Delaware map, you will find it that the state is located at the north-eastern part of the Delmarva Peninsula. The state shares boundary with New Jersey in the north-east, Pennsylvania lies in the north and the state Maryland has maximum boundary length with Delaware that shares entire west and south. However, in the east, Atlantic Ocean makes coastline for the state.

The name of state is derived from Thomas West 3rd Baron De La Warr, a British nobleman and Virginia's foremost colonial governor, after whom as it is now known as; otherwise, it was originally Cape Henlopen. The Delaware USA is second smallest state in terms of area after Rhode Island.

The Delaware state map is of course small but surprisingly, the state ranks second in terms of civilian scientists and engineers as percentage of the employees and number of patents issued to companies or individuals per thousand workers. Not only this, the tiny state has had history of its evolution; interestingly, it was one of the 13th state that participated in the 4th July US Independence declaration in 1776. Above all, on 7th December 1787, it became the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States; this is the reason that it is known as The First State. For the detail information, you can check out the Delaware state Map that clearly visualize the important cities including capital city i.e. Dover of the state, highways, railway etc.

Delaware State - Quick Facts

Country:United States
Region Type: State
Capital of Delaware:Dover
Delaware Abbreviation:DE, Del. US-DE
Largest City in Delaware:Wilmington
Total Counties in Delaware:3 Counties (New Castle, Kent and Susse)
Area of Delaware:1,982 sq mi (6,452 km2) (49th Rank)
Population of Delaware:917,092 (2012 est)
Joined The Union:December 7, 1787 (1st)
Delaware Nickname:The First State
Delaware Highest Point:Near the Ebright Azimuth
Delaware Lowest Point:Atlantic Ocean sea level
Delaware Timezone:Eastern: UTC −5/−4
Delaware Airports:Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)
Delaware Area Code:302
Delaware Zip Codes:197XX
Official Website:https://delaware.gov/