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Where is North Dakota?

Where is North Dakota
Map showing location of North Dakota on the US map.
As shown in the North Dakota location map that North Dakota is located in the northern side of the United States. North Dakota map also illustrates that it shares its border with the Minnesota in the east, South Dakota in the south, and Montana in the west. Besides, in the north of state, it also shares international boundary with Canada.
The capital city of state is Bismarck; however, the largest city is Fargo. Other important cities are Grand Forks, Minot, West Fargo, Mandan, Dickinson, Jamestown, and Williston. The climate type of North Dakota is Continental.
Economy of North Dakota is largely depends upon agriculture; however, the other important industries are petroleum and food processing.
Surprisingly, North Dakota is the only state of the United States that lawfully demands its pharmacies to have more than 50% shares owned by pharmacists.
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  • North Dakota State - Quick Facts

    Country:United States
    Region Type: State
    Abbreviation:ND, US-ND
    Largest City:Fargo
    Area:70,700 sq mi (183,272 km2)
    Population:723,393 (2013 est)
    Joined The Union:-3710
    Nickname:Peace Garden State, Roughrider State, Flickertail State
    Highest Point:White Butte
    Lowest Point:Red River of the North
    Timezone:UTC -6/-5
    Official Website:www.nd.gov