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Where is Beirut

Beirut, is the capital, chief port, and largest city of Lebanon. It is located on the Mediterranean coast at the foot of the Lebanon Mountains.

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Location Map of Beirut, Lebanon

Where is Beirut
The map showing location of Beirut in the Lebanon.

Where is Beirut Located

As shown in the given Beirut location map that Beirut is located at the Mediterranean coast in the central-west region of Lebanon. Beirut is the largest and capital city of Lebanon. The city Beirut is founded in the ancient period itself and since then it is inhabited city. Furthermore, the city is the center of commerce and business. It is also cultural center of Lebanon. Due to civil war, Beirut is destructed, so Beirut has again under process of rebuilding the city.

The cities redesigned city centre, pubs, marina, and nightlife districts are again fascinating enough to attract tourists in the region. For the year, 2009, New York Times listed it as the top place to visit. Lonely Planet has also listed it as one of the liveliest cities in the world for the year 2009.

Interesting Facts about Beirut

Country: Lebanon
Location: Central-west at the Mediterranean coast
Area (metro): 200 km2
Time zone: UTC+3
Climate: Mediterranean

Beirut explosion: dead and wounded among 'hundreds of casualties', says Lebanon Red Cross

The explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday afternoon was felt in the neighboring island of Cyprus, around 240 kilometers away or about 150 miles from Lebanon

Beirut Explosion Location Map

Beirut Explosion Location Map
The map showing location of Beirut Explosion on August 4, 2020