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Where is Armenia?

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Location Map of Armenia

Where is Armenia
Armenia is located to the east of Turkey in the world map.
Armenia is a European country in the Caucasus region. Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia. Armenia is named Hayastan which means "Land of Hayk

A former republic of the Soviet Union, Armenia is a unitary, multiparty, democratic nation-state with an ancient and historic cultural heritage. The Kingdom of Armenia was the first state to adopt Christianity as its religion in the early years of the 4th century (the traditional date is 301).
The modern Republic of Armenia recognizes the Armenian Apostolic Church as the national church of Armenia, although the republic has separation of church and state. Some of the provinces of this country are Lorri, Shirak, Tavush and Aragatsotn.Tashir, Alaverdi, Odzun, Tumanyan, Step'anavan, Soitak, Ayrum, Dilijan, Amasia, are the major cities located in Armenia. Major tourist attractions are:
Mt. Ararat and Khor Virap Monastery, Ararat plain
Victory Park, Yerevan
Yerevan Republic Square
Mt. Aragats (Armenia's highest point, Aragatsotn province, northwest from Yerevan)
Blue Mosque
Yerevan Opera House, Yerevan

Quick Facts
Continent Europe
Where is Located Armenia is a country located in the Western Asia
Coordinates 40°11'N44°31'E
Capital Yerevan
Largest City Yerevan
Neighboring Countries Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Turkey
Administrative divisions11 provinces
Area 11,484 Sq Miles
Population2011 census 3,018,854
Official Language Armenian
Currency Dram (AMD)
ISO Alpha-2 CodeAM
ISO Alpha-3 Code ARM
ISO Numeric Code51
GDP $10.066 billion (nominal, 2012 est.)
Calling code 374
Time Zone UTC (UTC+4)
Internet TLD .am