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Where is Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey is a major city located in the northeastern part of Mexico. It is the capital and largest city of the state of Nuevo León. Monterrey is known for its industrial and economic significance and is often considered one of the most important business and industrial hubs in Mexico. It is a dynamic and diverse city with a strong presence in manufacturing, technology, and commerce. Monterrey is also known for its cultural and educational institutions and has a rich history and heritage.

Monterrey Location Map, Mexico

StateNuevo León
Coordinates25°40′N 100°18′W
FoundedSeptember 20, 1596
Area324.8 km2 (125.4 sq mi)
Population 1,142,194
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST[4])
Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT[4])
Website(in Spanish) www.monterrey.gob.mx