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Where is Durango, Mexico

Durango is a state located in northwestern Mexico. It is also the name of the state's capital city, which shares the same name, Durango. The state of Durango is situated in the country's central-northern region, and the city of Durango serves as the political and administrative center of the state. The state and city are known for their cultural heritage, historic architecture, and natural beauty, including the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range that crosses the state. Durango is recognized for its role in Mexican history and its contributions to the country's cultural and economic development.

Durango Location Map, Mexico

CapitalVictoria de Durango
Coordinates24°56′N 104°55′W
Area 123,317 km2 (47,613 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
Postal code34-35
Area Code661