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Where is Pul-i-Alam, Afghanistan?

Pul-i-Alam is the capital city of Logar Province in eastern Afghanistan. It is situated to the south of the country's capital, Kabul. Pul-i-Alam serves as an important administrative and economic center for the province. The city is located along the Kabul-Gardez Highway, making it a strategic location for transportation and trade in the region. As with any information related to Afghanistan, it's recommended to check for the latest updates and ensure the information is current due to the dynamic nature of geopolitical situations.

Pul I Alam Location Map, Afghanistan

Elevation1,922 m (6,306 ft)
Population 22,914
Time zoneUTC+4:30
Coordinates33°58′51″N 69°02′06″E
Latitude 33.98
Longitude69. 0299988