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Sumatra Map, Indonesia

Where is Sumatra
Where is Sumatra Located - Sumatra is an island in Indonesia. The Indian Ocean bordering west, northwest and southwest sides of Sumatra with islands of Simeulue, Nias and Mentawai in southwestern coast.

Description: Map of Sumantra showing Location of Sumanta on Indonecia.
Sumatra is an island in western part of Indonesia in Asia Continent. It is the sixth largest island in the world at 473,481 km2 with a population of 50,365,500(2010). Its biggest city is Medan with a population of 2,109,330.

Sumantra Facts:

Country - Republic of Indonesia
Location - South East Asia
Largest City - Medan
Official Language - Indonesian
Area - 473,481 km2
Government - Unitary Presidential Republic
Population - 50,365,500
Ethnic groups - Acehnese, Batak, Minangkabau, Malay
Currency - Rupiah (IDR)
Time Zone - Between UTC+7 to UTC +9