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List of Airports in Switzerland

This is a list of International and Domestic airports in Switzerland, sorted by location, name, and airport code.
CityCountryCountry CodeAirportAirport CodeLatitude/Longitude
Zurich Switzerland CH Zurich Airport KlotenZRHNULL / NULL
Ascona Switzerland CH Ascona AirportACO46.1583532 / 8.7821226
St Moritz Switzerland CH Samedan AirportSMV46.5332573 / 9.8835556
Berne Switzerland CH Belp AirportBRN46.9118082 / 7.5030209
Geneva Switzerland CH Geneve cointrin AirportGVA46.2334031 / 6.1044651
Sion Switzerland CH Sion AirportSIR46.2195921 / 7.3296909
Altenrhein Switzerland CH Altenrhein AirportACH47.485 / 9.561944
Mulhouse/basel Switzerland CH Euroairport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg AirportBSL47.5988203 / 7.5291268
Lugano/Agno Switzerland CH Lugano AirportLUG46.0024523 / 8.907098
Lausanne Switzerland CH Lausanne AirportQLS46.5457443 / 6.6185605
Grenchen Switzerland CH Grenchen AirportZHI47.180999 / 7.4167796
Luzern Switzerland CH Emmen AirportEML47.093613 / 8.303889