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Where is Bogota Located

As shown in the given Bogota location map that Bogota is located in the central-west region of Colombia. It is the capital city of Colombia.

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Bogota Location Map
The Map showing where is Bogota location in Colombia.
Bogota is the most populous city of the country, which has about 7,304,384 citizens. Surprisingly, it is the third highest capital city of the world after La Paz - Bolivia and quito - Ecuador because it is situated at the elevation of 2625 meters above Sea Level.
In terms of development and research center, Bogota keeps first rank in the country; probably, this is the reason that it is more popularly known as Athens of South America. With the highest concentration of industrial center, Bogota is main economic center of the country. However, the significant businesses of the city include the food industries, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, publishing and metalworking.

Above all, the city is quite fascinating for the tourists; it has various tourist points to visit. City has also well developed shopping malls where wide ranges of stuffs are available.

Interesting Facts about Bogota

Country: Colombia
Status: Distrito Capital
Location: Central-west of Colombia
Foundation: August 6, 1538
Founded By: Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada
Area: 1,587 km2
Climate: Subtropical Highland