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Where is Koeln

Cologne (Köln in German) is a city in western Germany. It is the largest city in the North Rhine-Westphalia state and is situated on the banks of the Rhine River. Cologne is known for its rich history, cultural landmarks, and as one of the major economic and cultural centers in Germany. The city is famous for its Gothic cathedral, the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of the city.

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Where is Koeln
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StateNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Admin. regionCologne
DistrictUrban district
Coordinates50°56′11″N 6°57′10″E
Area405.15 km2 (156.43 sq mi)
Elevation37 m (121 ft)
Density2,600/km2 (6,900/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Postal codes50441-51149
Dialling codes0221, 02203 (Porz)
Vehicle registrationK