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Where is Berlin

As shown in the given map that Berlin is located in the north-east region of Germany. Berlin is the capital city of Germany.

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Location Map of Berlin

Where is Berlin, Germany
The map showing location map of Berlin in Germany.

About Berlin

A large area of city is covered with forest, parks, rivers, and lakes. Since its foundation, Berlin is the successively the capital of various Kingdom, Monarch, and Republic. However, after World War II, Berlin is divided into two parts: East Berlin that became the capital of East Germany and West Berlin, this became the capital of West Germany. But it is again united in the year 1990 and recuperated the status of capital city.

Furthermore, Berlin is the city of politics, science, economy, culture, and media. Berlin's economy is largely based upon services sector that includes industries, media along with air and rail transportation. Important industries include IT, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, optoelectronics, traffic engineering, and renewable energy.

Besides, Berlin is home of world class universities, research institutes, sporting events, museums, personalities, international film productions, and orchestras. Generally, the city is recognized for its diverse architecture, festivals, nightlife, and contemporary arts. Moreover, it is important tourist's destination in Europe.

Interesting Facts about Berlin

Country: Germany
Location: North-east part of Germany
Area: 891.85 km2
Postal codes: 10001-14199
Area code: 030
Time zone: UTC+1 & UTC+2
Climate: Humid Continental Climate