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Latitude and longitude of Syria

The following is the list geographical coordinates of Syria Provinces, cities, towns.

Abu Du'an36 degrees 25'N38 degrees 15'E
Abu Kamal34 degrees 30'N41 degrees 00'E
Afrin36 degrees 32'N36 degrees 50'E
Al Arak34 degrees 38'N38 degrees 35'E
Al Bab36 degrees 23'N37 degrees 29'E
Al Burayi34 degrees 15'N36 degrees 46'E
Al Hajanah33 degrees 20'N36 degrees 33'E
Al Hamdaniyah34 degrees 42'N35 degrees 57'E
Al Hamidiyah34 degrees 42'N35 degrees 57'E
Al Harir, W.32 degrees 44'N35 degrees 59'E
Al Hasakah36 degrees 35'N40 degrees 45'E
Al Kiswah33 degrees 23'N36 degrees 14'E
Al Ladhiqiyah35 degrees 30'N35 degrees 45'E
Al Mayadin35 degrees 01'N40 degrees 27'E
Al Qamishli37 degrees 02'N41 degrees 14'E
Al Qaryatayan34 degrees 12'N37 degrees 13'E
Al Qat'a,34 degrees 40'N40 degrees 48'E
Al Qunaytirah32 degrees 55'N35 degrees 45'E
Al Qusayr31 degrees 31'N36 degrees 34'E
Al Qutayfah33 degrees 44'N36 degrees 36'E
Aleppo / Helab36 degrees 10'N37 degrees 15'E
An Nabk34 degrees 02'N36 degrees 44'E
Ar Rafid32 degrees 57'N35 degrees 52'E
Ar Raqqah35 degrees 59'N39 degrees 08'E
Ar Rusafah35 degrees 45'N38 degrees 49'E
As Safa33 degrees 10'N37 degrees 00'E
As Safirah36 degrees 05'N37 degrees 21'E
As Salamiyah35 degrees 01'N37 degrees 02'E
As Sanamayn33 degrees 03'N36 degrees 10'E
As Sukhnah34 degrees 52'N38 degrees 52'E
As Suwayda32 degrees 40'N36 degrees 30'E
As Suwayda32 degrees 45'N36 degrees 45'E
Asad, Buhayrat al36 degrees 00'N38 degrees 15'E
A'waj33 degrees 23'N36 degrees 20'E
Az Zabadani33 degrees 43'N36 degrees 05'E
A'zaz36 degrees 36'N37 degrees 04'E
Bafliyun36 degrees 37'N36 degrees 59'E
Baniyas35 degrees 10'N36 degrees 00'E
Barada33 degrees 33'N36 degrees 34'E
Barsham35 degrees 21'N40 degrees 33'E
Bi'r Ghadir34 degrees 06'N37 degrees 03'E
Buraq33 degrees 11'N36 degrees 29'E
Burj Safita34 degrees 48'N36 degrees 07'E
Busayrah35 degrees 09'N40 degrees 26'E
Busra ash Sham32 degrees 30'N36 degrees 25'E
Damascus / Dimashq33 degrees 30'N36 degrees 18'E
Damir Qabu36 degrees 58'N41 degrees 51'E
Dar'a32 degrees 36'N36 degrees 07'E
Dar'a32 degrees 55'N36 degrees 10'E
Darayya33 degrees 28'N36 degrees 15'E
Dayr az Zawr35 degrees 20'N40 degrees 05'E
Dimashq33 degrees 30'N36 degrees 18'E
Dimashq33 degrees 30'N36 degrees 30'E
Dulq Maghar36 degrees 22'N38 degrees 39'E
Duma33 degrees 34'N36 degrees 24'E
Dumayr33 degrees 39'N36 degrees 42'E
Esh Sham / Dimashq33 degrees 30'N36 degrees 18'E
Faghami35 degrees 53'N40 degrees 52'E
Fiq32 degrees 46'N35 degrees 41'E
Furglus34 degrees 36'N37 degrees 08'E
Goaln Heights / Hagolan33 degrees 00'N35 degrees 45'E
Hagolan33 degrees 00'N35 degrees 45'E
Halab36 degrees 10'N37 degrees 15'E
Hamah35 degrees 05'N36 degrees 40'E
Himms34 degrees 40'N36 degrees 45'E
Himms34 degrees 30'N37 degrees 00'E
Homs34 degrees 40'N36 degrees 45'E
Idib35 degrees 55'N36 degrees 36'E
Izra32 degrees 51'N36 degrees 15'E
Jabbul36 degrees 04'N37 degrees 30'E
Jablah35 degrees 20'N36 degrees 00'E
Jarabulus36 degrees 49'N38 degrees 01'E
Jayrud33 degrees 49'N36 degrees 44'E
Jisr Ash Shughur35 degrees 49'N36 degrees 18'E
Khabur35 degrees 17'N40 degrees 35'E
Khan Abu Shamat33 degrees 39'N36 degrees 53'E
Khan Shaykhun35 degrees 26'N36 degrees 38'E
Latakia / Al Ladhiqiyah35 degrees 30'N35 degrees 45'E
Ma'arrat an Nu'Man35 degrees 43'N36 degrees 43'E
Ma'din35 degrees 45'N39 degrees 36'E
Manbij36 degrees 31'N37 degrees 57'E
Miyah W.el34 degrees 44'N39 degrees 57'E
Muslimiyah36 degrees 19'N37 degrees 12'E
Palmyra / Tudmur34 degrees 36'S38 degrees 15'E
Qatana33 degrees 26'N36 degrees 04'E
Quneitra33 degrees 07'N35 degrees 48'E
Ra's al 'Ayn36 degrees 45'N40 degrees 12'E
Salah32 degrees 40'N36 degrees 45'E
Salkhad32 degrees 29'N36 degrees 43'E
Sirghaya33 degrees 51'N36 degrees 8'E
Tartus34 degrees 55'N35 degrees 55'E
Tibni35 degrees 36'N39 degrees 50'E
Tudmur34 degrees 36'N38 degrees 15'E
Yarmuk32 degrees 42'N35 degrees 40'E