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Morocco Flag, Flag of Morocco Image

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About Morocco Flag

Morocco Flag: The flag of Morocco is the one hoisted by the Moroccan government and has represented the country since 17 November 1915. It has a green star in the middle of a red field. The Moroccan flag is red with a central five-pointed star that is edged in green. The pentagram is a representation of the Islamic seal of Solomon. The five branches also stand for Islam's five pillars. The official religion of Morocco is Islam, and its colors are red and green. Additionally, the current Moroccan dynasty's color is red.

Red has a lot of historical significance in Morocco because it declares a person's lineage from the royal 'Alawid family. Through Fatimah, the fourth Muslim Caliph Ali's wife, this royal family was connected to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The imams of Yemen and the sharifs of Mecca both wore red clothing. The Alawid family has controlled Morocco since the 17th century, and the nation's initial flags were simple red ones.

Sultan Yusef signed a dhahir on November 17, 1915, making Morocco's flag a red background with a green interwoven pentangle. The red flag with the seal in the center was still in use while France and Spain ruled over Morocco, but only inland. It was not allowed to be used at sea. In 1955, when independence was reestablished, it once more became the flag of the country.

During the twentieth century, when Morocco was under the control of France and Spain, Moroccan flag traditions were restricted and banned entirely. The French altered the basic red flag hoisted by Moroccan ships throughout the war with France on November 17, 1915.

The present Moroccan flag was designed in 1915, therefore in 2023 it will turn 108. It replaced the old solid red flag and was developed after the nation became a protectorate of France.