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Costa Rica Flag, The National Flag of Costa Rica

The National Flag of Costa Rica consists of horizontal stripes of blue, white, red, white, and blue; the version flown by the government incorporates the national coat of arms.

Costa Rica Flag, The National Flag of Costa Rica Image

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About Costa Rica Flag

Flag of Costa Rica: The national flag of Costa Rica is made up of a central red stripe that is twice as broad as each of the other four stripes, two white stripes, two blue stripes, and two white stripes. This design was first used in 1848. Since the state version may only be used by the government, the civil flag lacks the coat of arms present on the state flag. The Costa Rica Flag was officially adopted on September 29, 1848, with the only changes since then being the placement and design of the state flag's entrenched coat of arms. The state flag has been changed to reflect concurrent changes made to the national coat of arms in 1906, 1964, and 1998.

The Costa Rica Flag’s colors represent the principles of the French Revolution of 1848: liberty, equality, and fraternity. Blue symbolizes the sky, possibilities that are within reach, logical thought, persistence in achieving a goal, infinite, eternity, and aspirations of the religious and spiritual goals. White symbolizes clarity of thought, joy, knowledge, strength, and the beauty of the sky. It also represents Costa Rica's serenity and serves as the inspiration for new undertakings. Red symbolizes the "civilization of the century," the sun illuminating Costa Rica with "the first rays of its true independence," the friendliness of Costa Ricans, their joy of life, their sacrifice for freedom, and their kindhearted nature. The coat of arms' seven stars stand in for the republic's seven provinces. Now, the Costa Rica Flag`s coat of arms depicts a landscape with volcanoes between two oceans. A ship sails in each sea, and above it are seven stars, which stand in for the republic's seven provinces.