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Spanish Flag Images - The flag of Spain consists of three horizontal stripes with red on top and bottom, yellow in the center, the yellow stripe being twice the size of each red stripe. The coat of arms of Spain, featuring the Royal Crown, positioned left of center on the gold band. The Current official Spain flag was adopted on6 December 1978.

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About Spain Flag

Spain Flag: According to the 1978 Constitution, the national flag of Spain consists of three horizontal stripes: red, yellow, and red, with the yellow stripe being twice as wide as each red stripe. Traditional terminology for the center stripe was gualda, which is more ancient. The naval flag used by Charles III of Spain in 1785, Pabellón de la Marina de Guerra, is where the modern Spanish flag had its start. Charles III himself picked it out of 12 other flags created by Antonio Valdés y Bazán. For the majority of the following 50 years, the flag was mostly employed over marine facilities, including barracks and coastal forts. The flag was also used by marine regiments fighting inland during the Peninsular War. The first Spanish territorial unit did not receive one until 1820, and it was not until 1843 that Queen Isabella II of Spain made the flag an official symbol of Spain. With the exception of the Second Republic (1931–1939), the flag's color palette was unaltered throughout the 19th and 20th centuries; the only modifications were made to the coat of arms.

Rule 3 of the Royal Decree 1511/1977, which stipulates the fundamental composition of the present Spanish flag with the coat of arms. The Spanish coat of arms is depicted on both sides of the flag and has a height equal to 2/5 of the hoist (height).The coat's axis is positioned at a distance from the hoist equal to 12 of the flag's height when the flag is of normal proportions, with a length equal to 32 of the width. The coat of arms is positioned in the middle of the flag if its length is less than usual.