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United Arab Emirates Flag, UAE Flag Pictures, Images

The national flag of the United Arab Emirates contains the Pan-Arab colors red, green, white, and black.

United Arab Emirates Flag - UAE Flag Pictures, Images

United Arab Emirates Flag image for printout, free download and activities for students.

About Flag of the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Flag: The national flag of the United Arab Emirates was designed in the year 1971. The Pan-Arab colors of red, green, white, and black are included in the United Arab Emirates' national flag. Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah, who was 19 at the time of designing, created the United Arab Emirates national flag. It was approved on December 2, 1971, designed as a Flag. The four colors of the flag's primary design represent the Arab nations' togetherness. The Emblem underwent a slight modification in 2008.

The flag has three equal horizontal bands of green, white, and black from top to bottom, with a vertical strip of red next to the mast. The colors of the United Arab Emirates flag represent different things. Green symbolizes prosperity, hope, joy, love, and optimism. White represents cleanliness, honesty, peace, and purity. Black symbioses solidarity, mental strength, the defeat of enemies. Red stands for courage, bravery, blood, hardiness, strength, and unity.

Correct Placement of the UAE Flag

When you use the UAE Flag, remember to keep the red strip to the left, close to the pole, and the green strip on top when in a horizontal position.

Prohibited usage of the UAE Flag

  • Houses should not be painted in the UAE flag's colors.
  • There should be no tampering with the UAE flag.
  • The UAE flag should not be shown as cake decoration.
  • The UAE flag must not be flown sideways.
  • Wearing the UAE flag's colors is not appropriate.
  • The UAE flag must not be flown on the floor or utilized as decor.
  • Any other logo should not be used with the UAE flag.
  • Cars should not be decorated with the UAE flag's colors.