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Google Map of India Satellite View

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India Google Map

Google Map of India Satellite View

India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, It covers an area of 32, 87,263 sq. km and the second-most populous country in the World after China, India has a population of 1.32 billion people; and the most populous democracy in the world. It shares land borders with China, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar while Sri Lanka shares only a maritime border.

India Information & Facts

RegionSouth Asia
CapitalNew Delhi
Largest cityMumbai (city proper)
Delhi (metropolitan area)
Coordinates21°N 78°E
India's Neighbouring countriesChina, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka (maritime border)
Official languagesHindi, English
Native languages447+ languages
India States & UTs28 states and 8 union territories
Religion (2011)79.8% Hinduism, 14.2% Islam, 2.3% Christianity, 1.7% Sikhism, 0.7% Buddhism, 0.4% Jainism, 0.23% Unaffiliated, 0.65% Others
MembershipUN, Commonwealth of Nations, WTO, BRICS, SAARC, SCO, G4 nations, G20, Group of Five, G8+5
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional republic
Upper houseRajya Sabha
Lower houseLok Sabha
Independence Day15 August 1947
Republic Day26 January 1950
Area Total3,287,263 km2 (1,269,219 sq mi) (7th)
• Water (%)9.6
Population (as of 2018)1,352,642,280 (2nd)
• Density413.3/km2 (1,070.4/sq mi) (19th)
GDP (PPP) 2021 estimate$10.207 trillion (3rd)
• Per capita$7,333 (122nd)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
GDP (nominal) Total (2021)$3.050 trillion (6th)
• Per capita$2,191 (145th)
Gini (2011)35.7
HDI (2019)0.645
CurrencyIndian rupee (₹) (INR)
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
Calling code+ 91
Highest pointKangchenjunga - 8,586 m (28,169 ft)
Lowest pointKuttanad: −2.2 m (−7.2 ft)
Longest riverGanga - 2,525 km (1,569 mi)
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