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Where is Mecca, Saudi Arab?

Mecca, also called Makkah, is a city in Saudi Arab. Mecca the holy city of Islam in Saudi Arabia, an oasis town located in the Red Sea region of Hejaz, east of Jiddah in western Saudi Arabia.

Mecca Location Map

Where is Mecca
Map showing Where is Mecca, Saudi Arab located on the World Map.

Mecca Facts

CountrySaudi Arabia
ProvinceMecca Province
Coordinates: 21°25′21″N 39°49′24″E
Governoratethe Holy Capital Governorate
Area1,200 km2 (500 sq mi)
Population Estimate (2020)2,042,000
• Rank3rd
Demonym(s)Makki, Makkâwi
Time zoneUTC+3 (Arabian Standard Time)