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Where is Burma

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Burma Location Map
Where is Burma located on the world map?

As shown in the given Burma location map that Burma is located in Southeast Asia. Burma has geo-strategic location and it shares its international boundaries with the People's Republic of China in the northeast, Laos in the east, Thailand in the southeast, Bangladesh in the west, and India in the northwest. However, Burma map also shows that it has coastline with the Bay of Bengal in the southwest and with the Andaman Sea in its southern periphery.

The political system of the country is different from other neighbor countries, in the country; hence, Burma has military rule known as Junta. The general of Burma is the head of state. At present, General Than Shwe, is head who holds the posts of "Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council" and "Commander in Chief of the Defense Services" as well as the Minister of Defense.
The economic system of the country is very poor; however, the economy is largely depends upon agriculture. Rice is the most widely grown crop of the country.