Map of Washington County, Arkansas - Where is Located, Cities & Population

Map of Washington County - Washington County is a county located in the U.S. state of Arkansas. Washington County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Washington County located in the map, major cities in Washington county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Washington County Map, Arkansas

Map of Washington County, Arkansas

Washington County is a county located in the U.S. state of Arkansas. It's county seat is Fayetteville. As per 2020 census, the population of Washington County is 250057 people and population density is square miles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 951.72 sq mi (2,465 km2). Washington County was established on -26006.

Washington County Facts

County InfoFacts
CountyWashington County
County SeatFayetteville
CountryUnited States
FIPS code143
Area951.72 sq mi (2,465 km2)
Formed / OriginLovely County

Ctities in Washington county

City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityAreaIncorporated
ElkinsFirst class city3,602929.8/sq mi (359.0/km2)3.874 sq mi (10.03 km2)February 19, 1964
FarmingtonFirst class city7,584771.8/sq mi (298.0/km2)9.827 sq mi (25.45 km2)October 15, 1946
FayettevilleFirst class city93,9491,735.4/sq mi (670.0/km2)54.137 sq mi (140.21 km2)August 23, 1870
GoshenSecond class city2,102185.8/sq mi (71.7/km2)11.313 sq mi (29.3 km2)October 11, 1982
GreenlandSecond class city1,213302.3/sq mi (116.7/km2)4.013 sq mi (10.39 km2)March 14, 1910
JohnsonFirst class city3,609998.9/sq mi (385.7/km2)3.613 sq mi (9.36 km2)March 6, 1961
LincolnSecond class city2,294800.4/sq mi (309.0/km2)2.866 sq mi (7.42 km2)November 23, 1907
Prairie GroveFirst class city7,045759.1/sq mi (293.1/km2)9.281 sq mi (24.04 km2)July 25, 1888
TontitownSecond class city4,301240.1/sq mi (92.7/km2)17.911 sq mi (46.39 km2)November 10, 1909
West ForkSecond class city2,331635.8/sq mi (245.5/km2)3.666 sq mi (9.49 km2)May 18, 1885
WinslowSecond class city365200.3/sq mi (77.3/km2)1.822 sq mi (4.72 km2)February 27, 1905
Elm SpringsSecond class city2,361396.7/sq mi (153.2/km2)5.952 sq mi (15.42 km2)May 23, 1917
SpringdaleFirst class city84,1611,790.1/sq mi (691.1/km2)47.016 sq mi (121.77 km2)April 1, 1878

Places to Visit in Washington

Top places to visit in Washington includes Historic Washington State, Coulter Farmstead, Williams Tavern, Little Shamrock Motel & Water.

Highways in Washington

Interstate 49, U.S. Route 62, U.S. Route 71, U.S. Route 412, U.S. Route 71B, Highway 16, Highway 45, Highway 59, Highway 74, Highway 112, Highway 156, Highway 170, Highway 180, Highway 220, Highway 244, Highway 265, Highway 303.

Nearest Airports

Nearest airport of Washington is Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK / KTXK).