Lake County Map, Illinois

Map of Lake County - Lake County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. Lake County Map showing cities, highways, important places and water bodies. Get Where is Lake County located in the map, major cities in Lake county, population, areas, and places of interest.

Lake County Map, Illinois

Lake County Map, Illinois

About Lake County Map, Illinois: The map showing the county boundary, county seat, major cities, highways, water bodies and neighbouring counties.

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Lake County, Illinois

Lake County is a county located in the U.S. state of Illinois. It's county seat is Waukegan. As per 2020 census, the population of Lake County is 711239 people and population density is square miles. According to the United States Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 443 sq mi (1,147 km2). Lake County was established on 1839.

Lake County Facts

County InfoFacts
CountyLake County
County SeatWaukegan
CountryUnited States
FIPS code97
Area443 sq mi (1,147 km2)
Formed / OriginMcHenry County

Ctities in Lake county

City NameTypePopulation (2020)Pop. DensityArea
BarringtonVillage10,7222,326.8/sq mi (898.4/km2)4.608 sq mi (11.93 km2)
Buffalo GroveVillage43,2124,518.7/sq mi (1,744.7/km2)9.563 sq mi (24.77 km2)
Barrington HillsVillage4,114152.3/sq mi (58.8/km2)27.004 sq mi (69.94 km2)
AntiochVillage14,6221,780.3/sq mi (687.4/km2)8.213 sq mi (21.27 km2)
BannockburnVillage1,013499.5/sq mi (192.9/km2)2.028 sq mi (5.25 km2)
Beach ParkVillage14,2492,012.9/sq mi (777.2/km2)7.079 sq mi (18.33 km2)
GrayslakeVillage21,2481,949.4/sq mi (752.7/km2)10.9 sq mi (28.23 km2)
Green OaksVillage4,1281,035.9/sq mi (400.0/km2)3.985 sq mi (10.32 km2)
GurneeVillage30,7062,274.0/sq mi (878.0/km2)13.503 sq mi (34.97 km2)
HainesvilleVillage3,5461,919.9/sq mi (741.3/km2)1.847 sq mi (4.78 km2)
Hawthorn WoodsVillage9,0621,126.3/sq mi (434.9/km2)8.046 sq mi (20.84 km2)
Highland ParkCity30,1762,465.2/sq mi (951.8/km2)12.241 sq mi (31.7 km2)
HighwoodCity5,0747,037.4/sq mi (2,717.2/km2)0.721 sq mi (1.87 km2)
Indian CreekVillage5362,007.5/sq mi (775.1/km2)0.267 sq mi (0.69 km2)
KildeerVillage4,091967.1/sq mi (373.4/km2)4.23 sq mi (10.96 km2)
Lake BarringtonVillage5,100889.1/sq mi (343.3/km2)5.736 sq mi (14.86 km2)
Lake BluffVillage5,6161,378.2/sq mi (532.1/km2)4.075 sq mi (10.55 km2)
Lake ForestCity19,3671,126.0/sq mi (434.7/km2)17.2 sq mi (44.55 km2)
Lake VillaVillage8,7411,341.7/sq mi (518.0/km2)6.515 sq mi (16.87 km2)
Lake ZurichVillage19,7592,877.0/sq mi (1,110.8/km2)6.868 sq mi (17.79 km2)
LibertyvilleVillage20,5792,336.4/sq mi (902.1/km2)8.808 sq mi (22.81 km2)
LincolnshireVillage7,9401,741.6/sq mi (672.4/km2)4.559 sq mi (11.81 km2)
LindenhurstVillage14,4063,182.2/sq mi (1,228.7/km2)4.527 sq mi (11.72 km2)
Long GroveVillage8,366675.4/sq mi (260.8/km2)12.387 sq mi (32.08 km2)
MettawaVillage53397.8/sq mi (37.8/km2)5.449 sq mi (14.11 km2)
MundeleinVillage31,5603,292.6/sq mi (1,271.3/km2)9.585 sq mi (24.83 km2)
North BarringtonVillage3,171673.0/sq mi (259.8/km2)4.712 sq mi (12.2 km2)
North ChicagoCity30,7593,848.2/sq mi (1,485.8/km2)7.993 sq mi (20.7 km2)
Old Mill CreekVillage16215.2/sq mi (5.9/km2)10.671 sq mi (27.64 km2)
Park CityCity7,8856,815.0/sq mi (2,631.3/km2)1.157 sq mi (3 km2)
RiverwoodsVillage3,790955.4/sq mi (368.9/km2)3.967 sq mi (10.27 km2)
Round LakeVillage18,7213,368.9/sq mi (1,300.7/km2)5.557 sq mi (14.39 km2)
Round Lake BeachVillage27,2525,402.9/sq mi (2,086.1/km2)5.044 sq mi (13.06 km2)
Round Lake HeightsVillage2,6224,560.0/sq mi (1,760.6/km2)0.575 sq mi (1.49 km2)
Round Lake ParkVillage7,6803,722.7/sq mi (1,437.4/km2)2.063 sq mi (5.34 km2)
Third LakeVillage1,1111,895.9/sq mi (732.0/km2)0.586 sq mi (1.52 km2)
Tower LakesVillage1,2261,334.1/sq mi (515.1/km2)0.919 sq mi (2.38 km2)
Vernon HillsVillage26,8503,468.5/sq mi (1,339.2/km2)7.741 sq mi (20.05 km2)
VoloVillage6,1221,563.7/sq mi (603.8/km2)3.915 sq mi (10.14 km2)
WadsworthVillage3,517356.8/sq mi (137.8/km2)9.857 sq mi (25.53 km2)
WaucondaVillage14,0842,776.8/sq mi (1,072.1/km2)5.072 sq mi (13.14 km2)
WaukeganCity89,3213,687.1/sq mi (1,423.6/km2)24.225 sq mi (62.74 km2)
Winthrop HarborVillage6,7051,446.0/sq mi (558.3/km2)4.637 sq mi (12.01 km2)
ZionCity24,6552,489.4/sq mi (961.2/km2)9.904 sq mi (25.65 km2)
DeerfieldVillage19,1963,472.5/sq mi (1,340.7/km2)5.528 sq mi (14.32 km2)
Deer ParkVillage3,6811,007.4/sq mi (389.0/km2)3.654 sq mi (9.46 km2)
Fox LakeVillage10,9781,401.5/sq mi (541.1/km2)7.833 sq mi (20.29 km2)
Island LakeVillage8,0512,404.7/sq mi (928.5/km2)3.348 sq mi (8.67 km2)
Fox River GroveVillage4,7022,748.1/sq mi (1,061.0/km2)1.711 sq mi (4.43 km2)
LakemoorVillage6,1821,174.6/sq mi (453.5/km2)5.263 sq mi (13.63 km2)
Port BarringtonVillage1,5841,365.5/sq mi (527.2/km2)1.16 sq mi (3 km2)